Health Benefits of Coca

Health Benefits of Coca Leaf: Nutrition and Preventive Medicine

Incomparably rich in phytochemicals, proteins, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, the “divine plant of the Incas” may very well be the most powerful superfood available.

One unique benefit of the age-old traditional herb is that it is a natural bronchodilator, meaning it improves and increases oxygenation in the blood and brain. The flow of purer blood optimizes cellular respiration and accelerates caloric breakdown. The nutritional and oxygenating characteristics of the plant make it an excellent natural tonic for the mind and body.

  • Prevents vertigo. Ideal for high altitude sports (skiing, cycling, trekking, sky diving, etc). Natural remedy for altitude sickness.

Several scientific studies have been performed and confirm that Coca Leaf consumption provides the following benefits:

  1. High quality food source *:  Recommended for the prevention of exhaustion, anemia and malnutrition.
  2. Natural Tonic Energizer **:  Regulates glucose metabolism in the body.  It has been proven that Coca Leaf can regulate the release and / or action of insulin, maintaining stable blood sugar levels in the body and improving the use of energy.
  3. Natural Bronchodilator **: it stimulates the respiratory centers, as it is proven that there is a broncho-dilator effect, which thoroughly oxygenates the blood.  This property allows for greater absorption of oxygen which allows your body to become more alkaline and utilize aerobic metabolism.


* (Duke, Aulik, Plowman, Nutricional Value of coca, Botanical Museum Leaflets, Harvard University, Volume 24, #6, USA 1975.) Plowman’s study from Harvard University revealed a high content of vitamins, calcium, phosphorus and other health benefits in the coca leaf; and deems coca as one of the best food sources on Earth.

** IBBA study (Instituto Boliviano de Biología de Altura de la UMSA) and the Instituto Francés de Investigación Científica para el desarrollo en Cooperación (ORSTOM), perform a study looking into coca leaf consumption, and show the oxygenating and invigorating qualities in their conclusions, among others (IBBA study of the coca leaf, 1977)

*** Kunihiro Seki Ph. D. y Yoshito M.D., Ph.D. “Coca: Un Biobanco” (2012). Cellular regenerative properties, gingivitis protection, nutritional value, another health benefits of coca are addressed.

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