The True “Ajayo” of Coca Leaf

“Coca”, pronounced kho-ka, has suffered a tremendous amount of misrepresentation and defamation ever since the First World monopolization of Coca Leaf commercialization.  The mere mention of the word “Coca” often triggers resentment in the minds of people who wish to be healthy, because it is easy for the modern mind to associate it with products like Coca Cola and cocaine.  The various nontraditional techniques used in First World manipulation, isolation, and exploitation of the Coca Leaf have failed to deliver important benefits to the general public.

After being the subject of much debate,  scientific studies performed by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1995 concluded that Coca Leaf is not only harmless and nontoxic, but that it is actually conducive to health as well.

When the integrity of the plant is kept in tact, Coca Leaf is one of Nature’s biggest blessings the body, brain, and even the spirit can receive.  It has been categorized as a vegetable, and has been deemed to be among the most ideal food sources on Earth by Harvard University.  Indeed, there is no other plant as complete a food, richer in protein, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates than Coca Leaf.  The health benefits of Coca Leaf are so great, that it has twice as much calcium and protein than milk and eggs, as much phosphorus than meat and fish, and more iron than spinach.

Profane Occidental practice, along with the collective, uneducated judgement regarding the merit of Coca Leaf, and how it should be perceived and treated, has severely compromised the sovereignty, cultural traditions and living conditions for the indigenous people of South America.  Not only is it a loss for the Native people of South America to be denied of their traditional sacrament, but people of all ages and demographics in the world are being denied powerful natural nutrition and medicine.

Coca Leaf in its natural form is not a drug; but a plant of much purpose and value.  In an effort to promote the positive application of this plant, and manifest the true nature of Coca, we here at Andes Coca have elaborated a variety of methods one can bless their health and/or beauty with the aid of Coca Leaf.  We hope to not only educate the human perspective concerning the Coca Leaf, but to enliven and enrich human health.

Contrary to what is commonly understood, Coca Leaf is nature’s safest physical and mental energizer.  The unmatched boost of energy one experiences is also accompanied by a high level of nutrition, so unlike dangerous stimulants that are void of adequate nutrition,  the leaves provide enough for replenishment and nourishment.

1. Enhances physical and cognitive endurance. Ideal for maintaining physical and mental stamina during long and arduous days of work.

2. Functions as a highly efficient tonic that refreshes the body and mind. Strengthens and improves the respiratory, muscular, cardiovascular, and nervous system.

3. Sharpens concentration and augments intellectual capacity and performance.