Our History

In 1997, Jorge Hurtado, a world-renowned Bolivian psychiatrist who specializes in drug addiction, and Sdenka Silva, a world-renowned sociologist who for more than thirty years studied the sacred significance of the coca leaf in Andean culture and its traditional use, collaborated with other scientists from around the world, and founded the International Coca Research Institute (ICORI) in Amsterdam, Holland. Alongside ICORI, they founded the Coca Museum in La Paz, Bolivia, which to this day continues to educate the world about the true nature, tradition and science of coca. After several years of research and development, Dr. Hurtado and his colleagues developed a unique, proprietary, scientific process that naturally extracts all of the nutritional and medicinal properties of the organic coca leaf, in both an elixir and oil form. The result was a one-of-a-kind pharmaceutical-grade coca tablet that may be administered and absorbed sublingually.

The liquid extract that is utilized in the production of the tablets come in different levels of strength. Initially, the tablets were designed to therapeutically treat cocaine addicts. When put to the test, they were a great success. Shortly after, the concentration of extract was reduced, and a supplement was developed in an effort to offer the nutritionally rich benefits of the coca leaf to the general public. The naturally dark green sweet extracts, that are like nutrient-enriched hard candies, have all the properties of the plant, and the powerful enhancement of energy one experiences is of natural occurrence. The nutritious and natural boost of energetic vitality that the supplement has to offer has been enjoyed on the market for more than 12 years now.

In 2004, the Andes Coca Company was established to industrialize and commercialize the same one-of-a-kind, scientific and natural extraction process created by ICORI. Today, along with the nutrient-enriched tablet, we are creating other coca based products as well.  The Andes Coca Company is headed by the children of the ICORI founders, Juan Salvador Hurtado, an industrial engineer, and his sister Kitula Hurtado, image and design creative.  Today, the Andes Coca Company utilizes the same natural extraction process with other medicinal and organic plants, like maca and chia, under the line of products Ajayo Extractos,  ”Ajayo” is a word that comes from the ancient, indigenous language of Aymara, which means “spirit”, “soul” or “essence”. In addition to the elixir and tablets, the Ajayo Extractos line of products utilizes the oils of these plants to make powerful medicinal and cosmetic organic products.  Since our process extracts all the medicinal properties of the plant, we ensure that our product users will receive the full medicinal benefit of the plants. All of our products are ecologically sourced and none of the products are made with any artificial additives, colorings or preservatives.