Does Coca Leaf contain cocaine?

No, cocaine is made from processing one of the 3 naturally occurring alkaloids contained in the leaf. The alkaloid that is inherent in the leaf is of a different molecular structure than the warped molecular structure of what is known as crystal cocaine. The comparison between Coca and cocaine is similar in the way grapes and wine are different, grapes and wine are simply not the same. Wine is derived from grapes, but a chemical transformation makes them very different in Nature.

Does Coca Leaf lead to addiction?

No, there is no medical evidence of it. Coca Leaf is considered to be the most sacred plant in Andean culture. It has been domesticated and safely used for at least 8,000 years. No evidence of addiction exists.

What makes Ajayo products different from other energy products?

Ajayo products are a tonic-energizer which means that it gives you energy and also plenty of nutrients extracted from the coca leaves. For example caffeine and other stimulants accelerates the metabolism of the body, consuming lots of resources resulting in a drain energy feeling. Ajayo products compensate/counteract this effect by feeding you with nutrients. In addition to this, one of the main effects of coca leaves is to regulate the body´s internal sugar consumption, thus administrating the energy more efficiently.

Why Ajayo products relieve altitude sickness?

Ajayo products ameliorate altitude sickness by remediating the cause, which is the lack of oxygen in the body. Coca Leaves improve oxygen intake, allowing the body to absorb more oxygen.

Can children consume these products?

It is not advisable. In this regard, Coca can be thought as being similar to coffee.

If I have hypertension, can I consume these products?

Coca Leaves can cause one’s pressure to rise. If you have hypertension, don´t consume these products.

Can Ajayo products be consumed by pregnant women?

It is not advisable.

If I have diabetes, can I consume Ajayo products?

Yes, Coca Leaves actually help to lower a high glycemic index and are very good for the regulation of sugar of one’s blood. Be careful to choose a product that doesn’t contain sugar. Ajayo elixir contains no sugar and is recommended for diabetics.

Do these products produce insomnia?

Coca Leaves don’t produce insomnia, but we don´t recommend taking any products if you’re planning to sleep shortly after, because after all, most Ayajo products are natural energizers/invigorator.

How long does it take to make effect?

It depends how the Coca products are consumed. If it´s absorbed in the mouth in a lozenge or elixir form, it generally takes 5 minutes for an effect to be felt. In the case of ingestion (flour, liquor) it takes 20-40 minutes, but it lasts longer.

How does the effect feels like?

The first thing you might notice is numbness in the mouth, that’s the anesthetic property of coca leaves, you might also feel easy and deeper breathing, awareness, and of course a lot of more energy.

What should I expect from Ajayo products?

Clean, positive, and all natural energy! Our products are produced with natural ingredients, with techniques that are gentle with the environment.

Are Ajayo products gluten free?

Yes, all products are 100% gluten free.

Are Ajayo products vegan?

Yes, Ajayo products DO NOT include any ingredients derived from animals and DO NOT test on animals.

What is the difference between Ajayo products and Coca tea?

They differ in many aspects. For example, the absorption of Coca tea is less, because it enters through the digestive system. Our products enter the body through the membrane of the mouth (as when one chews Coca Leaves) going directly to the blood stream, allowing a major assimilation of nutrients and properties to occur.