Aymara Coca Leaf Prophecy

“Wise men
who gaze beyond the country
when difficult times arise,
such as the winter,
are picked up by God
like good seeds
to plant in them.
Y a través de ellos en los hombres,
the apporporate foods que correspond
a la nueva era a vivirse.
Foods for the body and for the soul.
Well the spirit nourishes itself
with knowledge, and awareness.
So when the conquistador from the North
clothed in his iron,
came to conquer a person,
a country born in the Andes,
in the mountains
the natural temples of God,
a chosen Shaman
during a blood red dusk sky
heard his inner voice
I love my son a lot, and your country
because my mandate was followed
and it remained pure.
Which is why i will endow you
with much wisdom;
but now the rest
of my herd beyond your world
has come.
Not only in body,
but in spirit as well.
That’s why your brothers
are fighting amongst themselves.
The gold searchers are already here
to oppress the heart
and stab their iron thorns in flesh.
But never forget that pain
is the holder of happiness,
she (it) penetrates through the heart
by the path that has been paved by pain.
Those are the times you must endure.
You will excavate into the land your path
how the worm does to take out gold and silver
(gods of mud that man has created).
But at the end of your search you will discover
the darkness and will get lost in it
and it will make you miss the light you had before.
So as more descend
more will have anxiety to keep climbing
and can get to me.
The pureness of your heart has moved me
which is why, to struggle against the darkness
que yace en el fondo de la Pachamama
to combat the cold, hunger
and the sandess of the hearts
separated from your father,
I will give you a gift for you, and your brothers.
Climb that high hill
and you will find a small plant,
but of much strength.
Guard its leaves with love
and when you feel pain in your heart,
hunger in your flesh
and darkness in your mind…
take them to your mouth
and gently extract its spirit
which is part of mine.
You will obtain love for your pain
nourishment for your body
and clarity for your mind.
And even more…
Observe the way the leaves dance
with the wind and you will receive the answers
for your questions.
But if your persecutor that comes from the north,
the white imperialist,
the gold searcher, touches it,
he will only find in it
poison for his body
and insanity for his mind.
Because his heart is so rigid
like his sword and armor.
and when COCA,
which is what it is to be called,
attempts to soften him,
will only achieve to shatter
like the crystals of ice
formed by the weak clouds
that destroy the rocks
and demolish the mountains.

Antonio Díaz Villamíl
(Libre adaptación de Jorge Hurtado)

What the prophecy basically communicates is that when the Spanish arrived to invade the Andean region, wise members of the community gathered, and asked God what was going to happen next.  God replies, and informs the people of the Andes that the territory is about to experience a series of dark times.  The members of the community are then warned of the white man’s violent ambition, and that their sovereignty is in danger, because the white man is going enslave everyone and rob them of all their gold and silver; which seem to be the Gods of white people.  God assures the worried community that the dark age is necessary for humans to look for the light, and that a period of illumination would follow afterwards.  God then tells the endangered indigenous that provided will be a plant of much power and guidance, the Coca Leaf.  God explains to them that the leaf is to be gently chewed and “milked” when there there are occurrences of sadness, pain, fatigue from exhaustion, and hunger.  God instructs everyone to ask the Coca Leaf whatever they want, because it is an extension of, and that it will help guide them.  At the end, God explains the curse that is soon to occur